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New Year's Day (yuan dan): January 1. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

Long Qing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival: Ice and snow sculptures decorate Long Qing Gorge and remain there until winter passes.

Spring Festival (chun jie): Spring Festival is usually in February but often falls in late January. Also known as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, it falls on the first day of the first moon according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. Officially, it lasts only three days but in recent years, many people have been taking a full week. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY & BIG FESTIVAL

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Lantern Festival (yuan xiao jie): Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first moon--varying between February and March. You will often see paper lanterns being sold and displayed. It is a custom to eat tangyuan--rice treats stuffed with black sesame paste.

Valentine's Day: February 14. Valentine's Day is a day to remind your beloved that he/she is loved--and to remind you that if you have no loved-one, you are a real loser! Shower your loved-one with chocolates and flowers to show your care.

The History of Valentine's Day * Valentine's Day in China * Order Flowers Online

International Working Women's Day (fu nu jie): March 8. It is also known as Women's Day . OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

The Way Women Were * Order Flowers Online

Stratus Cup Run: The Stratus Cup Run starts at the Worker's Stadium.

Guanyin's Birthday: Guanyin is the Goddess of Mercy. Her birthday is celebrated on the 19th day of the second moon--either in March or April.


Clear Brightness Festival (qing ming jie): April 5, except leap year. On leap years, April 4. The Clear Brightness Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, is a day to remember and worship ancestors by visitng and sweeping their graves, leaving flowers, and burning ghost money. BIG FESTIVAL

Peach Blossom Festival: Peach blossoms are made into special arrangements welcoming the arrival of spring. The peach blossoms are believed to confer luck so you can then meet your beloved. People often like to visit the Botanical Gardens and Cao Xueqin during this time.

Beijing International Kite Festival: At the Mentougou Sports Center, you can fly kites--both the traditional and modern kites-- and learn about kites--their flying techniques and history.

Martial Arts Festival: Go to the Great Wall at Badaling in Beijing where sentries walk, cannons explode, arrows fly, and weapons clash!

International Labor Day (lao dong jie, wu yi):

Youth Day (qing nian jie): May 4. Youth Day commemorates the student demonstrations that occurred in Beijing's Tiannamen Square on May 4, 1919. These demonstrations gave rise to the nationalist efforts collectively known as the May 4 Movement. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

Mother's Day: The second Sunday of May. In China they don't celebrate Mother's Day so it's an easy holiday to forget. However, it's one holiday you least want to forget!

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Commonwealth Fair: from the end of April to the beginning of May.

Children's Day (Er tong jie): June 1. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY
Talking to the Children

Yanjing Beer Festival at Shunyi: Folk gala shows, games stalls, beer drinking contests and "free beer."

Father's Day: The third Sunday of June. Don't forget to get your father a Father's Day present-- AND remember to give it to him too!

Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China: July 1. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

Great Wall and Nature Travel Month: Sponsored by the National Tourist Administration, this month features many events near the Great Wall from Shanhaiguan to Badaling. Activities include: hiking, cycling, and motoring events.

Fourth of July: July 4. American Independence Day. Celebration is held at the American Embassy.

Chinese Valentine's Day (qi qiao jie): It falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (August according to the Gregorian calendar). As is the custom elsewhere in the world, this is a day devoted to romance.

Nine-Dragon Cup International Dragon Boat Race: The race is held at the Ming Tombs Reservoir of Beijing.

Beihai Park Lantern Festival: It is held from late July to early September at Beihai Park of Beijing.

Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA: August 1. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

Beijing Watermelon Festival: There is tasting and selling and judging of watermelons.

International Beer Festival: It is held in Asian Games Village of Beijing.

China Folklore Art Festival: The festival is held in either August or September in the Old Summer Palace of Beijing.

Terry Fox Run: The Terry Fox Run is a Canadian fund-raiser for cancer reserch. Please Contacat the Canadian Embassy for further details.

Asian Folk Customs Week: This week celebrates the eleven Asian nations. Opening ceremonies are held at the Beijing World Park and the International Theater of Poly Plaza.

Mid-Autumn Festival (zhong qiu jie): The Mid-Autumn Festival, often referred to as Moon Festival, is held on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon. People often eat Moon Cakes duriing this time. BIG FESTIVAL

All You Need to Know about Mid-Autumn Festival
Making Mooncakes

The Great Wall Scaling Race: In this race, while wearing traditional amor and weapons, competitors their horses from the Badaling train station to one of the towers.

The Birthday of Confucius: September 28 (Western calendar calculation). Ceremonies are held at the main Confucius Temple in Beijing.

National Day (guo qing jie): October 1. On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded. This is the biggest of China's official holiday. It is an interesting time to visit Tiananmen Square as it is often lavishly decorated. OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAY

What October 1st Means to Old Beijingers

The Worker Who Forged the Red Flag

Thanksgiving Day (Canada): In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is held on the second Monday of October. Most people celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering with family or friends for a holiday feast.

German Reunification Party: October 3. The party is organized by the German embassy and celebrates the German reunification.

Beijing Marathon Chestnut Festival: Located at the Great Wall--Huangyaguan--it celebrates the area's main produce with military games and of course feature chestnuts--picking, roasting, and eating.

The International Old Folks Festival: There are food, games, music and folkdancing at Zhongshan Park Of Beijing.

White Dragon Pool Red Leaf Autumn Festival: Early October to early November at White Dragon Pool in Miyun County of Beijing.

Fragrant Hills Red Leaf Autumn Festival: Mid-October to mid-November at Fragrant Hills Park located in Haidian District of Beijing.

Halloween: October 31. Once considered a holy evening, it is in modern times an occasion for children to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating--requesting treats or threatening tricks.

International Jazz Festival: The festival is held during the first week of November with two performances each night at Beijing Children's Theater on Wangfujing.

Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition: It is held during late October and early November. Go see and smell chrysanthemums-galore at the Botanical Gardens, Beihai Park, Xicheng District of Beijing.

Thanksgiving Day (America): In America, Thanksgiving Day is held on the last Thursday of November. It is a time to give thanks, get together with family, and gorge yourself with food, then lay around and watch football.

China Daily Cup Children's Friendship Chess Tournament: The tournament is held at the Chaoyang Youngster's Activity Center.

Christmas: December 25. Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian churches. Celebration may include gift-giving, Christmas trees, display of Nativity sets, church attendance, the Father Christmas/Santa Claus myth, and family gatherings.

Christmas Pudding