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Domestic Long Distance
phone.gif (822 bytes)For direct long distance calls (DDD), dial the domestic prefix "0," then the area code and phone number. You can make long distance call with almost all post offices. You can also look for roadside kiosks with the "IDD" and "DDD" sign. If you phone between 21:00 and 7:00,it will be about half the daytime price.

International Calls
International calls can be made with IDD phones--at post offices and the roadside kiosks with the "IDD" sign. Simply dial the international prefis "00," then the country code, area code and phone number. IDD calls have a 3 minutes minimum charge and then a minute-by-minute charge.

map.gif (16267 bytes)Collect International Calls
United States - 10810
Japan - 108811, 812, 813
Hong Kong - 108852
Canada - 108186
Australia - 108610, 612, 613
Germany - 1084902
Great Britain - 108440
France - 10833
Denmark - 108450
Spain - 108340
Italy - 108390

If you have not found the information you are looking for regarding the phone system in China, you might like to try the following link: http://www.cbw.com/tourism/ttip/phone.htm

Chinese Yellow Pages (United States)

Published annually since 1983, this publication was the first Chinese business directory in Southern California. During the past two decades, it has expanded from a local Chinese Yellow Pages with only 10,000 circulation to a nationwide Chinese Yellow Pages reaching almost 500,000 circulation (1995). Particularly, it is the only YPPA (Yellow Pages Publisher Assoc.) member that publishes Chinese phone directories in California and many other States. Not just an ordinary telephone directory, the Chinese Yellow Pages is helping almost very single Chinese family and business in North America as an indispensable reference book and a buying guide.