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Life in China

This section of ExpatsInChina is geared towards both the newbies out there and the old fogies. We hope this section will become a helpful resource for both expat species!

ExpatsInChina know it's not always easy being a new expat to China--you must constantly adjust to rules you didn't know existed until five-minutes prior.

New Expat Specimen 1:

Notice the fearful expression on this new expat's face. Perhaps he has just had his first encounter as a pedestrian with the Beijing taxi drivers. Also note the still youthful glow, which soon after begins to fade (See New Expat Specimen).

New Expat Specimen 2:

Notice the haggard look which begins to develop after just two weeks of contact with Beijing air. ExpatsInChina, however, is unable to account for his loss of eyebrows. If you have any information regarding this strange condition, please submit it to expats@ cbwchina.com and we will forward it to the medical doctors who treat expats here in Beijing. They too are stumped by this oddity.

But it's not easy being an old expat either--you begin to think its getting stale--that you know it all and have done it all. When people ask how long you've been here you tell them how long and then immediately say that you're thinking of leaving soon.

Old Expat Specimen 1:

Notice the fearful expression on this old expat's face. Perhaps he is having his last encounter as a pedestrian with the Beijing taxi drivers. Perhaps. But what is most important to note is the look of hysteria mingling within the fear. It is probably time for this expat to go home ... and then return two weeks later with a new visa!

oldexpat2.gif (3063 bytes)Old Expat Specimen 2:

This expat specimen has just returned from a home for a hard day at the office. (A hard day at the office for an expat? Yes, there are a few of these rare expat specimens floating around out there somewhere.) Perhaps he needs a night out on Sanlitun ... but then again,