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Housing is always the hottest topic for expats so ExpatsInChina has created a housing guide to make you convenience. We hope it will useful for you. And as usual, feedback is always appreciated on what we're doing right now, and what you would like to see in the future.

In Chinese Metropolitan cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc) are offerring a large choice of accommodation at different prices and different level of comfort. If your Mandarin level and budget allow it, you can go and ask real estate agencies directly for the service. In this way, it can be possible for you to visit many flats/apartments in one day.

In Shanghai or Beijing, you can live comfortably at very good prices. They are building several flats/apartments and might be some condominiums included penthouse, which can give you the feeling of high demand. However, some of the new flats/apartments are too expensive for Chinese people. It might be available penthouse and condominiums in Chinese Metropolitan cities.

Villa-type housing is also available, although expensive and far from the city centre. Most people live in apartments, which reach as high as 40 floors, and guarded by 24 hours security . Many housing was fully furnished, if not you can request it from owner/landlord.

Apartments for Expats are managed by government-run organizations. The prices have recently declined. Count RMB.4000/month for a 100 m² apartment in the center of the city. When you visit the apartment/flat, we recommend you to check if the heater is working or not. In China, it is possible to negotiate the rent according to the length of the contract and the location of the apartment. The lease can be signed for the length that you want. Often, it is possible to sign for only a 6 month lease. You can also buy your own apartment/flat in China. For this, please contact real estates agencies.

For roommates, if you choose to do live with a Chinese national, make sure that it is allowed by the law and check in the security office of the area.
Student's residencies are also available to students but the standards rate can come below those foreign students.

Our Advice: Always operate through a signed contract, and ask the owner/landlord to bring you for police registration in your area otherwise you will pay for penalty RMB.500/day.