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Pet Health

Hot Dogs

Zhang Yan knows everything there is to know about Pekinese dogs. "When I look into a dog's eyes, I can tell if it is sick, depressed, or in love." he says.

Zhang is director of the Beijing Pet Hospital north of the Third Ring Road, one of three pet hospitals in the capital financed by the government. Since 1992, when Chinese vets had their realm of activity expanded from dealing only with animals in quarantine to being able to treat household pets as well, Pekinese have become among the most frequent visitors to the hospital. Their growing popularity with Beijing residents is yet another indicator of the rising affluence of the Chinese middle class, who pay anything from 100 to 40,000 yuan for one of the little yellow creatures.

Vet Contact List

  • Beijing Main Vetinary Hospital
    96 Huizhong Temple
    Yayuncun (Asian Games VIllage), Datun Anwai
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6497 0591

  • Beijing Main Vetinary Hospital
    96 Huizhong Temple
    Yayuncun (Asian Games VIllage), Datun Anwai
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6497 0591

  • Boai Small Animals Clinic
    Haidian District
    Wanquan Zhuangxiao Qu
    Building 11, 1st Floor
    (accross from the West Gate of People's University)
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 8261 6151

  • China Agricultural University Animal Hospital
    Yuanmingyuan Xi Lu #2
    North Gate of the Agricultural University
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6893 036

  • Companion Animal Hospital
    Dong Si Duo Fuxian
    Yi Qu (Section B), Wanfujing (Prime Hotel--south side)
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6449 742

  • Guan Yuan Animal Hospital
    Xicheng District
    Siujie Hutong #4
    (next to the Guanyuan Bird and Fish Market)
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6616 2134

  • Guan Sang Pet Care Center
    Bei Sanhuan Zhoug Lu #7
    Tel: 86 - (0) 10 + 6237 1359

  • The Wuhan BeiBei Animal Hospital
    Opposite Zhong Bei Cang Chu
    187 Xing Hua Road, Jianghan District of Hankou, Wuhan City
    Tel: 072-6565 1611
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